Phenolic Machining

Mayfly Manufacturing specializes in machining Phenolic laminates for many industries. Phenolics are layers of paper, canvas, linen, or glass cloth laminated with an epoxy under heat and pressure. A variety of resin and material types can be used to manufacture thermoset laminates with different mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Phenolics therefore include the ability to withstand heat, hardness, dimensional stability, electrical resistance, and chemical resistance. It makes for great electrical equipment applications like circuit boards. Phenolic is also used for household products like knife handles because it polishes well and grips when wet.

When machining phenolic it leaves dust instead of a normal ‘chip’ like metals or plastics. Many manufacturers turn down phenolic jobs because of the dust and mess the material makes. We use HEPA filtered dust collectors and have dialed in processes that allow us to easily machine Phenolic thermoset laminates.


Examples of uses for Phenolic:

  • Bushings and Spacers
  • Electrical Components
  • Insulators
  • Terminal Boards
  • Pulleys, Gears, and Rollers
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