About Us


Mayfly Manufacturing is a design and fabrication shop located in Silicon Valley.  We specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing for clients ranging from small start-ups to established companies.  At Mayfly Mfg, we collaboratively support customers on prototype development all the way through to production. Each step of the way we apply our knowledge of manufacturing efficiency  to reduce component cost, reduce lengthy lead times, and return value to our clients.

Founder, Andrew Nosé, has worked in manufacturing since graduating Santa Clara University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked closely with both engineers and machinists to develop expertise on both technical and operational aspects of manufacturing efficiency.  He noticed that lack of communication between engineers and machinists often led to inefficient processes, suboptimal design, and lengthy lead times.  Andrew started Mayfly Manufacturing with the goal of greater integration between engineering and manufacturing.  He prides himself in partnering with customers to develop ideas and turning them into marketable products in the most efficient way.  These partnerships have provided real value for our clients -- quick turnaround, reliable quality, and consistent results.

Mayfly Manufacturing is proud to manufacture our products in-house in Northern California.  This allows us to have the highest controls over quality and precision.  Local manufacturing also reflects our priority for engaging with, and supporting, the local community.