Machining G10/FR4 Glass Epoxy

Over the past couple of months we have been getting orders for G10/FR4 Glass Epoxy parts. The composite material consists of glass fabric and electrical grade epoxy resin. The material is extremely strong and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes it great for electrical applications. We were a little worried when taking on G10 parts but didn't have a problem when following these few tips:

  • Use carbide tools. G10 is very abrasive and will quickly dull tools. If the budget allows, then use composite specific endmills (such as Onsurd 54-200 series). 
  • Do not use coolant. Instead, run the tools dry with an air line to blow away the chips.
  • Breathing the glass-filled dust is not good for your lungs so use a respirator or a good dust collection system.
  • The glass-filled dust isn't good for the machine either, so use a drop cloth to contain the mess

If you have any questions or need G10 parts machined then please reach out to us for an RFQ.