HAAS Flood Coolant Filter Upgrade

We recently upgraded our flood coolant filter on our HAAS DM2 using references from online sources. The machine comes with a gray canister filter that catches large chips in a removable basket. The stock filter was not sufficient enough as the coolant nozzles around the spindle nose were constantly getting clogged up. We replaced the stock canister filter with a heavy duty steel filter bag housing. Most of the original pipe fittings were used. Below are the part numbers to make the filter upgrade. Hopefully this will come in handy for other machine operators. 

 HAAS Coolant Filter:HAAS Coolant Filter 

Coolant Filter Upgrade:
HAAS Coolant Filter Upgrade

Mcmaster PN 5168K249 – Filter Bag Housing

Mcmaster PN 9316T211 – 25 Micron Filter Bag

Mcmaster PN 4089K62 – 0 to 100 PSI Pressure Gauge (QTY: 2)